Maybe the very best way to learn how a particular task is carried out is to watch a video where someone illustrates the exact maneuvers you need to execute. Especially if you get a new web hosting account without having ever used this sort of service previously, or if you have worked with a web hosting platform with another Control Panel tool and are not acquainted with the way in which things are managed on the new one. An educational video can teach you the easiest and fastest way to complete a given operation inside your hosting account, saving you the trouble of examining different options till you find the one that you need, or of reading lengthy help articles, which can sometimes be ambiguous as to where you ought to go and what you ought to click.

Video Tutorials in Cloud Website Hosting

As part of our cloud website hosting plans, we've prepared many video tutorials where you can watch a demonstration of our multi-feature Hepsia Control Panel. We’ve included both very simple tasks such as setting up a brand new email address or moving files between directories, and more difficult ones such as generating an .htaccess config file or exporting a MySQL database. We also have various instructional video clips that will disclose to you what error logs are used for or what system load is. If you go to a specific Control Panel section, you will be able to see relevant tutorial videos that reveal how you can accomplish various procedures, but you can also see a full list of all the videos that we have in another section, which you can access through the Video Tutorials shortcut at the bottom of the page.

Video Tutorials in Semi-dedicated Hosting

Our semi-dedicated server accounts include a comprehensive repository of how-to videos so as to offer you the option to make use of all the functions and the full potential of our semi-dedicated plans, even in case you do not have any past experience in such matters at all. Even if you’re more accomplished, you can still watch the videos and learn how to use our function-rich Hepsia hosting Control Panel. The topics that we’ve included are wide-ranging – what is CPU load, how to modify the PHP version that your semi-dedicated account uses or how to create a mailbox with a couple of clicks of the mouse are just a few examples. You can see how everything is carried out and spare time, even more so considering the fact that in each and every section of the Control Panel you can see only videos that pertain to what you can accomplish there. In case you’d rather browse through all the videos that we’ve shot, you can do so using the shortcut, which is located at the bottom of Hepsia’s homepage. With their help, you’ll be able to do anything you like quickly and effortlessly.